How to create TikTok trends? Earn the fastest million views

How to create TikTok trends? Earn the fastest million views

In recent years, TikTok is become the favorite social network of many young people. Attractive videos on TikTok bring fame to content creators and promise a good source of revenue. 

So how to make TikTok videos trend? Let’s learn with CleverAds the secrets to the fastest million views.

1. What are trending TikTok videos?

On the social network TikTok, the trend refers to a move that the videos of this trend will be looked for and fascinated by many people.

TikTok will organize a popular TikTok video to show it to more users. Thereby increasing the opportunity for you to increase likes followers and influence.

Trends on TikTok are usually topics related to entertainment, dance, music, etc., which will be easier to create trends. So how to create viral videos that are trending? Let’s take a look at the following five tips.


2. Post in TikTok’s prime time

Videos posted in the following time frame are recommended to attract the best engagement. You should post in 3-time frames: 7-9 am, 11 am-2 pm, and 6-10 pm. You should check to see what time frame the video has the most views.

Also, before posting a video, you should browse other videos, press the heart button, and leave a comment. Especially when posting Tool Reup, TikTok has the feature of auto-surfing statements, following, and dropping hearts to help your videos quickly trend up.

3. Use hashtags that are trending on Tiktok

Each video will have a brief description. You should add related hashtags so that when users search by topic, your video will increase the chances of appearing. In addition, the trending hashtags related to video content will also be a big plus. Because this is often the hashtag that many users search for.

4. How to make TikTok videos trend? Guaranteed high-quality video

TikTok is a platform for content creators to unleash their creativity. Users want to enjoy captivating content.

A TikTok video should ensure the components of attractiveness and usefulness of the content and clarify recording features and vivid sound. In addition, you should also use popular music on TikTok to retain listeners longer.

5. Engage enthusiastically with your TikTok viewers

To give your viewers a good impression of you, you should enthusiastically respond to their comments. In addition, this has the benefit that TikTok will appreciate you and prioritize showing videos.

In addition, you can also invite viewers from other social networking sites to follow your TikTok account. That way, getting a broad following in a period will be easy.

6. Use the text on the top video frame

Thanks to the text in the first video frame, viewers can effortlessly glance to grasp the content. It will keep users longer because they spend time reading the text. 

In addition, if the text is engaging and interesting, it’ll be easier to watch for longer. 

Remember to end with a strong call or an open-ended question to increase engagement and welcome your future videos.

7. Mistakes that keep videos from trending

The TikTok video you posted has many views but still not trending. 

You may have made one of the following mistakes:

  • Hashtag abuse: Hashtag is just a tool to classify content, not capable of pushing your video to trend with 100% certainty. Therefore, you should avoid spamming with too many hashtags.
  • Video length is too long or too short: 13-19 seconds is a reasonably recommended time. If it’s shorter or longer, it’s hard for your video to trend.
  • Use music outside of TikTok’s playlist: Do not edit external music for re-up videos. So when using Orotik’s auto render feature, you can select to remove the video’s audio origin.



How to make TikTok videos trend is a difficult question, the desire of many people. However, if you grasp the basic techniques and practice hard, you will get the trending video you want.

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